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We are GINI

Emerging Tech Training

Emerging technologies are the bedrock of the 4th industrial revolution. GINI is training Africa to be competitive in this innovative present. From distributed ledgers to artificial intelligence, we have career roadmaps to take you to your dream technology career.

We are GINI

Championing Tech Adoption

GINI is passionate about technology adoption and our partnership and executive programs are geared towards helping companies enter the 4th industrial revolution.

We are GINI

A Product Partner

GINI focuses on practical applications of emerging technologies. We’re here to help you with research, development and fabrication of your next technology product or service.

Emerging technologies no longer represent our future, they are our present.

The world of business is undergoing a transformation without precedent. The 4th Industrial Revolution brings to life artificially intelligent (AI) technologies and applications including Big Data, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR), and (Social) Robotics. As much as these technologies bring a change to existing business models and ways of working, they equally bring unprecedented opportunities for business growth.

At GINI, we believe that the 4th industrial revolution MUST be the most globally ubiquitous phenomenon ever brought about by humanity. And that means that no region can afford to be left behind.

Our Roadmap

Our Mission!

We’re on a mission to make emerging technology adoption in Africa the next big thing; get these technologies out of the classroom and into the market. We recognize that Africa is playing catch-up in data science, robotics and extended reality. The first is crucial for the future of information, the second for the future of production and the third is critical for the future of interaction.

What we aim to provide

From our Kickstarter Program where students learn the basics of programming, electronics and extended reality alongside equally important theoretical frameworks to make them responsible and effective technologists, to our Advanced program where skills are applied to the real world, we’re developing not just credential-holders but solution providers for industries across the continent. We provide quality training coupled tightly with product development in these areas, leading learners into product-focused incubation, internships and employment. We envision an Africa where emerging technology is commonplace with GINI being the leading provider of talent and solutions.


Innovative. Practical. African. End-to-end emerging tech ecosystem.

We offer globally recognized programs in emerging technologies, with a focus on holistic learning - local context, practical use cases and industry linkages.
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Our courses are heavily biased towards real-world projects and hands-on training, since we believe technology is not a theoretical discipline. From our Kickstarter program and through the rest of our catalog, students jump into code, circuits, holograms and other practical exercises.

Global Standards

Our courses have global industry linkages with technology leaders, and accreditation with bodies such as the Blockchain Training Alliance and proctoring by Pearson VUE. We pride ourselves in being an African technology leader that is firmly connected to the global emerging technology ecosystem.


Our faculty includes over a century of experience at the highest levels of technologiccal leadership both in Kenya and internationally, spanning both private and public sector expertise. We teach with confidence as actual practitioners of the emerging technologies that we handle.

Local Context

While our standards are global, our context is unashamedly African. We ensure that our content, projects, delivery and rationale recognizes that we are building and enhancing talent that will be deployed in African countries to solve African problems and grow African businesses.